the 4th floor playdeck redefines the luxury residence experience, combining intimacy, comfort and exclusivity with personalized service and attention to detail amidst one of bangkok’s most unique panoramas.

A skyline of glistening steel skyscrapers contrasts the lush green verdure of embassy gardens and the marble clad open air lounging area - allowing residents to experience a rarely seen side of bangkok. A 20 metre tile encrusted pool offers a dramatic ambience that is heightened by the adjacent full bar.

A custom typeface for logotype. We created ceramic tiles size 2x2cm build a welcome playback from the entrance. The program includes custom icons for the Men and Women Restroom. Casestudy is currently designing a comprehensive program of Logo, signage, environmental graphics and wayfinding for the rest of the Playdeck 4th Floor.

Evocative of a classical pantheon