Siam City Cement provides world class construction materials and services that are vital to economic growth in Thailand and the wider region. Combining sustainability and innovation, THEY strive for operational excellence and to exceed the expectations of all their stakeholders. SCCc reputation is built on outstanding performance in the quality of all products.

INSEE mortar fulfills customers’ need for absolute convenience and quality by providing the ready to use cement; namely, INSEE Mortar Max which can be used instantly by mixing with clean water  in the appropriate portion. casestudy developed 4 applications in the cement packaging form, create clean look with common use infographic individual for each packs.

1. Plastering mortar: For general plastering, Fine plastering, Lightweight block plastering, Fine lightweight block plastering, Concrete plastering and Skim Coat 2. Brick laying mortar: For normal brick laying and Lightweight block brick laying 3. Floor leveling : For floor screeding and leveling 4. Tile adhesive: For general application and High adhesion application

Introducing “INSEE Mortar” a ready-to-use dry mortar


Siam City Cement Public Company Limited sees the importance of adapting and therefore plans to develop business model to meet the demands today by forming an alliance to maximize its competitiveness and consumer’s satisfaction by partnering with Thailand’s leading construction material manufacturers under the name “INSEE Alliance.”

INSEE Alliance products and services include all the main construction material categories, offered by Thailand’s leading brands. They include structure, roofing, wall, flooring, and decorative materials. The partnership will also expand to include chemicals and sanitary ware in the future.