casestudy designs a new brand identity for BCH Ventures, the investment arms under Benchachinda Group. their goal is to be the number one digital service provider. Aiming to invest in startups until it reaches a sufficient size and leave a unique footprint in the industry. BCH Ventures is focusing on leaving a remarkable footprint in a business world, with that in mind, we need compatible partners who share the same aspirations and goals. BCH Ventures will not only be investing in your company but also in what you believe in.

Driven with passions, Fuelled with dreams, Eager to accelerate the new blood of this generation.


Companies with originality and edgy ideas are welcome with open arms. Particularly those who are in the area of Digital Network, Logistics, Digital services that aims to expand in the CLMVT countries. With the help of our team you could grow exponentially and creatively. We are well-equipped with business network and an upscale crew to push your company to the next level, building a solid foundation without interfering. You can be your unique self because that is what we are looking for. Together we can craft your own legacy in your very own way.

The identity of mitosis geometric symbolize BCH Ventures’ business expansion through partnership investment in digital services and solutions.